Why You Should Integrate Social Media on Your Website and How to Do It

Social media is quickly becoming the go-to way to market your business. Almost everyone is on some form of social media and social media turns into the platform for sharing life, ideas, businesses, and more. But why should you have social media on your site? By adding your website to your social media pages, you can create more traffic to your website. Your social media accounts, when done correctly, can make your business not only seem more legitimate but also more relatable and even likable. Social media accounts make it easier for you to communicate with your audiences. You can answer questions, share photos, stories, products, and more. Customers can even tag your business in their photos, promoting your business even further. The bottom line, having social media accounts brings you into the 21st century.

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And here’s how you can do it!

1. Social buttons on your website:


Having social buttons on your site will allow visitors to follow you and keep up-to-date on all platforms. Not everyone will follow you on every platform, but you will have different audiences on each. For example, your following on Instagram will be different than your following on Facebook. In any case, there should be a way to let your audiences learn more about you in a friendly environment.


2. Create a hashtag:


As ‘new age’ as hashtags may seem, they are a vital and unsuspecting way of getting new customers. By creating a customer hashtag, you can build a following of not only your own posts but of others. Eventually, you will get to the point where typing in your personal hashtag, will bring up a whole list of postings. Not only is having your own, personalized hashtag important, but it’s also important to incorporate similar hashtags, that may bring new visitors to your social media accounts and in turn, your website.


3. Sell your products on social media:

As the capabilities in social media grow, so does the ability to sell from every aspect. Now, on almost all social platforms, especially Facebook and Instagram, you can now have stories on your social media platforms. This allows your business to cast a wider net and all bring it all back to your website.


4. Live feeds:


Live feeds can bring your social media accounts and website into one entity. You can use live feeds in a minimalist way to show your curated social media accounts, while not being too ‘in your face’ about it.


5. Make your content sharable: 


One of the reasons you want to be on social media is to have it be shared to new viewers. By having share buttons on your website, you and your viewers can seamlessly bring your website (your business) to the great, wide world of social media. Share buttons will allow others to share for you, so it’s not on you as the business doing all the heavy lifting.


6. Incorporate Facebook reviews:


Facebook reviews are a great way for your customers to let you and others know how much they like (or unfortunately dislike) your business. They can write Facebook reviews on your Facebook, but you can then feed them into your website. It is a way of doing testimonials/reviews without having to do double duty.


Not everyone is a fan of social media, that’s just the truth. But social media is slowly becoming the way of the present and the future, that’s also the truth. So, in the case of social media, give it a go, incorporate it in any way you can, or see if it. You’ll never reap the benefits until you try.