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Whether you are looking to create a brand-new website or give your current website an upgrade, London Grey is here to help! From e-commerce to marketing and lead generation to full-on enterprise development, we have the expert team to bring your project to life. All of our websites are mobile responsive, structured with reliable code, and designed with the end-user in mind. Capture the attention of your consumers and customers with eye-catching designs, user-friendly UI/UX, and cutting-edge development tools!

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The first step in designing your new site is to gather relevant information. There are many facets to creating a dynamic website, so we will ask several questions to assess your individual needs.


After we gather all of your information, we will start the planning phase. We will take into account your target user base, industry standards, competition sites, and current company branding. Here we will create an outline of your website structure to establish a workflow. This wireframe can include navigation, services, and products, portfolios, blogs, custom forms, etc.


Referencing from the information gathered, we define the look, feel, and function of your site. London Grey focuses on user-friendly UI/UX to draw your customers in and keep them on your website. We will provide you with mockups to review and edit before we put anything into code.


There will be a 3-step revision process. We will present you with with a first look at your website after which you will suggest changes. The second revision is for fine-tuning. You will search through our designs and features with a fine-tooth comb to make sure everything is up to your expectations. The last review will be conducted after the testing phase and before the launch of your site.


We are now ready to start the testing of your site to prepare for the launch. We will rigorously test functionality such as forms, browser compatibility, product purchasing, etc. Once we have received final approval, we will upload your website files to your server and release it to the public!


Occasionally you may need some additional assistance with your site, such as administering security updates, adding new products, or adding new content. We offer continued maintenance at a reduced rate if you are interested in this service.


At London Grey, we learn about your needs and goals to create your desired website outcome and create a detailed quote outlining the costs to achieve them. Like a painting, each website is unique and requires detailed scope discovery in order for us to provide a quote. We provide web design services for businesses of all sizes and offer a FREE CONSULTATION and quote to new clients.

London Grey builds websites in WordPress and Drupal, with custom PHP, HMTL, Bootstrap functionality. Depending on the scale of your project, we will recommend the best platform to fit your needs.

During our design consultation, we will ask you for a general overview of your company and practices. We will also ask for your logo, any product photography you have, what you would like the color palate to be, your domain address, the number of pages you think you will need, and any supporting content you have written. If you need assistance with copywriting, we have just the team members to help out.

YES! Once you have signed off on the final build of your website, we will launch your site and all intellectual property ownership will be transferred over to you. You will 100% own your website and its contents.

Depending on the size and scope of your project we will provide you with a projected timeline for your website. Timelines are highly dependent on the client providing us with the assets and feedback we need in a timely manner. Our average timeline for website projects is between 30 and 60 days. Larger and more functional websites may take slightly longer, but we will be realistic with you during our quoting process.

London Grey offers a wide variety of ancillary website services to keep your site functioning at peak performance! Services we offer include content writing, managed hosting plans, SSL certificates, system updates, security management, SEO, PPC, and social media management.