What to Look for in a Content Writer

As you are most likely aware, blogs/articles and other forms of content writing are a critical part of any website and any business in general. Keeping up-to-date with content is no easy task and most of the time, a content writer is needed. However, you can’t just choose anyone to write content for you. Just because your cousin won an essay contest junior year, it doesn’t mean they can be your content writer. Here are just a few of the qualities to look for in a content writer.

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Sure, writing for one particular topic is easy, especially if the content writer likes the subject and is already knowledgeable in it. What makes a content writer truly great, is their adaptability to write about a variety of topics at the drop of a hat. This can include the ability to do thorough research, brainstorm, and even rewrites.




The dreaded questions, “what is your pay rate?”. This one of the more difficult things to discuss with a content writer, but an important one. It is important to establish a price that works and is beneficial to both the writer and the business owner. You must come to an agreement on the cost per article/blog/word.




Turnaround time is a key factor in determining which content writer will work for you. Depending on the need and your time frame as a business owner, it may be a make or break factor. If you are someone who needs two blogs a week, you’re going to need a content writer with the ability to write those two blogs a week. If you only need one article a month, then the pool of writers will most likely increase.




Just because someone used to write essays in school or wrote “that one blog, that one time”, doesn’t mean they will automatically be a good content writer. A content writer has skill when it comes to writing informatively, yet can still write with flair and even with a bit of marketing. In addition, the best type of content writer will also have a high experience level. They will know how to incorporate SEO and keywords, as well as, being able to keep a scheduled timeline of completion.




As a content writer, they have to be a writer and editor in one. Therefore, when looking for a content writer, it is also important to find one can proof and edit their own work. There is nothing worse than getting one of your blogs/articles only to find mistakes on your own that you must fix. Make sure the content writer has ‘editing’ as part of their skillset.


There is a multitude of skills that could be added to this list of what to look for in a content writer. In addition to being a great writer and a great editor, they also have to be a great researcher and time manager. It’s always best to ask to see a portfolio, a resume, or even places where their work has been posted. But remember, content writing is a skill and it should be paid for accordingly. A good writer is worth it!