The Importance of Storytelling in Marketing

Why is storytelling so important when creating your companies digital marketing?


In 2009 Rob Walker and Joshua Glenn did a fascinating experiment called significant objects. They bought 100 random objects averaging $1.25 apiece. They then asked 100 different authors to compose a compelling story about each of these objects. They listed these items on eBay and turned their $129 investment into an $8,000 profit! They turned insignificant items into valuable items simply with empathic storytelling.


As humans, we connect through stories. It allows us to empathize and relate to each other. When applying this to selling your products or services, it creates a new level of relationship with your customers.


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Significant Object, with story by Kate Bernheimer. Original price: $1. Final Price: $104.50.


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How can you apply storytelling to your business?


Stop selling data and start selling stories.

You want to create an intimate experience for your customers. Spamming them with data causes them to become disinterested. Wrap your data in the shroud of a story. Show them what they can do with your product, don’t just say, “Here’s what my product can do”.


Stay away from jargon when possible.

Most of the time, customers are not experts in your industry. Say you are selling a car to the average consumer. Telling them that it has 3.0L (B58) DOHC Turbocharged I-6 engine is not as compelling as saying “ You will never be late picking up your kids with this engine, and all the parents at your next PTA meeting will be ogling at you in this car.” This is not to say don’t have your facts ready for the one customer that is interested but reel them in by sparking their imagination with what that can do with your product.


Foster trust in your business.

If a customer does not trust your company, they will not buy from you. Create content around your product or service that enlightens, interests, and provides value to your consumer. Building trust with your customers will ultimately show on your bottom line.