Why Dynamic Content is Important on a Website

Stay on the bleeding edge of industry advancements and target your customers/audiences in more unique ways with dynamic content. Before we get any further on how to use dynamic content to your advantage, let’s go over what dynamic content is exactly. To put it simply, dynamic content is any digital, online content that changes based on the user’s personal data or behavior. Dynamic content can come in many forms such as text, audio, videos, photos, shopping trends, and more.
You may not realize it, but you experience dynamic content every day in your digital world. It is what gives you recommend Instagram accounts to follow or what YouTube videos you may want to watch. It’s the newsletters you receive and the ads you are targeted. All this dynamic content is just sitting there waiting and hoping for you to click on it and make a purchase or an action of some kind.
Now, let’s break it down...

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What is dynamic content?

To recap, dynamic content adapts to each individual user to cater to their specific needs and desires. The elusive ‘it’ knows what you want based on previous experiences, or at least tries to give it its best guess. After all, we change our minds a lot!

But how does it know…?

Cookies! And sadly, not the gooey chocolate chip kind. Cookies should really be called breadcrumbs (but breadcrumbs are actually some different entirely, so it’s best not to confuse you just yet) because they leave a trail of your browsing history. Cookies will track how many times you visit a page, how long you stay on it and other information deemed valuable.

What are examples of dynamic content?

I’m glad you asked! Like mentioned earlier, you deal with it on a daily basis without even realizing you are being targeted. Examples of dynamic content are newsletters/emails, landing pages, articles, shopping/purchases, and ads, both popup, and banners.

Cool, but why is it useful?

What could be more useful than tailoring content to that specific viewer’s wants and needs? You can generate more sales this way, by anticipating what a viewer would want. For example, you see a customer purchased ‘Book X’ for this reason, you can show a landing page recommending that the customer may also like “Book Y” and “Book Z”. This also goes the same way with ads and popups. It also helps to make your popups and whatnot, location-related. It’s more helpful to target someone living in Florida with watersport activities, then it is to target someone living in the Midwest for the same thing.

Bring in the professionals!

Personalizing your website to enact dynamic content isn’t the easiest thing to do. This is when it is important to bring in the experts to help make your website the absolute best it can be. A professional can make sure to take the time to truly understand how people are interacting with your site and how to target each and every one of them.
Remember, there is a difference between personalized content and dynamic content. Personalized content, a user can change themselves, such as their profile picture or their wish lists and things like that. But it is up to you as the website creator to enhance your website and give yourself the ability to make a sale (or whatever outcome you wish to happen on your site), by adding dynamic content.