Why Branding is Critical to Your Companies Success

Many people think branding is just your logo, name, and slogan. While branding does include those elements, it is so much more than that. You can break up the concept of branding into three divisions: Visuals (logo, font, colors, website, print materials, graphics, photos), Words (copy, tone, mission, promises, slogan/tagline), and Abstract (culture, values, personality, experiences, perception).


Branding is the way you differentiate yourself from your competition and demonstrates why your company is the superior choice. Think about your favorite brands; sure, they have a memorable logo, but they also have earned your trust as a consumer. They do this by not only having reliable products and services but also by creating a culture that resonates with who you are as a person.


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What should your company branding accomplish?

1. Delivers a clear message
2. Verifies your brand's integrity in the market
3. Psychologically connects your consumers with your product or service
4. Inspires your customer to make a purchase
5. Create company loyalty

Action Steps to Improve Your Branding


Understand Your Customer


To have a successful brand you need to understand the desires and wants of your consumers. Pretend for a moment that you are going on a date with your company. Ask the questions – Who is your company? What do you find attractive about them? What do they have to offer you? You must make a human connection with your customers so they become emotionally invested in your product or service.


Create Compelling Messaging


A compelling message motivates your customers to think, feel, and act. What does your company have to offer that's different from other companies in the market? What is your mission as a company? How can you deliver your customers the best product or service on the market? Compile these messaging points and be sure to include them on your website, marketing materials, and call to actions.

If You Need Help, Hire Professionals


If you are having trouble creating a solid brand identity, there are professionals that you can hire to help! Hiring a brand expert will help you flush out your ideas and bring them into reality. Here are some questions you should ask before hiring a branding expert: What does branding mean to you? What experience can you bring to my project? Can you send me a list of clients you have had success with? What are the realistic results I can expect with my budget and time requirements?


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