So, You Want to Build an App…

Are you ready to create a mobile app?


So, you have an idea that you think would make an excellent mobile app. Great! What do you do next? Moving your idea from a concept to a fully functioning application takes a good bit of work. While it may be time-consuming, putting in your due diligence will save you a big head down the road.

Make your app idea a reality!

Hire a development team.

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There are a few things you need to do before you approach a developer to build your app.


1. What is your why?

Why do you want to create this app? Are you solving a problem? Do you have an original idea? Answering this question first will determine your rate of success. If you don’t have a clear idea about why you are creating this app then you will not be able to build a successful application.


2. Is there a need for your app?

What problem are you solving? Are you improving on an existing idea? Is there a void in the market your app can fill? Finding out if your idea is needed is a crucial step in the process. If your app is not needed, odds are people will not download it.



3. Research Time

It’s time to do your homework! Research other apps in the market that are similar to yours. How are they performing? It’s important to validate your idea before you spend money on hiring a developer. Ask around and see if people would be interested in your idea. Do some keyword research on google to see if people are looking for a solution like yours.


4. Outline the flow and features

When putting your idea on paper it’s important to go into as much detail as possible. What features will your software have? How will the user flow from screen to screen? Will your app include features that require purchases? All this information will help your developer come up with an accurate quote.


5. Edit, edit, edit!

Now that you have everything outlined, its time edit. This is a very important step. What features do you not need? What feature can be put in an update? How can you reduce the number of screens the user needs to accomplish your goal? This process will ensure that the first version of your app will be as bug-free as possible. We call this the MVP (minimum viable product). Your MVP will not only reduce your development costs but also get your app to market faster. With your MVP, you can judge the success of your app downloads and add features based on feedback from your users.


6. Hire and designer/developer


Now that you have completed the steps above, it’s time to hire a developer. It’s important to check the app developers’ credentials before hiring them. What apps have they created? Are they fluent in the programming language you need to develop your app? Make sure to check their portfolio and reviews before hiring them.