How to Develop a Business Management App for Your Company

A business management app can streamline a specific workflow or multiple workflows for your company. For example, if you have unique processes like file storing/sharing to clients or time management tracking for temp employees, creating a custom app for your needs could be beneficial. So how do you start planning to build your app? Let go through the steps to get you started.

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Business Management App


Identify Your Needs

What does your business do that can benefit from being put in an app? Are there outdated workflow processes where an app could increase your company’s productivity? Are there applications already on the market that you could use, or do you need a custom app to achieve your goal? Identify your needs and write them down.

For Example:

Let say your company needs to share secure files with a client. That client would like a streamlined way to share those secure files with certain employees. You have determined there is no application currently on the market that will fit your need exactly, so you need to build one.


Outline Your Workflow

So now that you have determined your needs, let talk about outlining your workflow. Start at the beginning and write down everything the app will need to do from start to finish. Include any specific features the app will need to have. Will you need to ingrate the app with another company’s software? Who will have access to the application and are there tiers of access that you will need to delegate? Will this be an internal company app or will outside people have access to it? As detailed as possible, write out an outline so that in the next step, a developer can quote you accurately.

For Example:

Your company needs to upload files to a secure database. Your client needs administrative access to said files. The client will also need the ability to delegate different levels of access to their employees. The client will also need the ability to update these files. You also need a way to track who is changing the files. You will need to integrate with signature software to allow that client to sign certain documents.


Hire an App Designer and Developer

Now you are ready to hire an app developer! When looking for a developer ask them about their expertise in developing custom business management applications. Ask to see examples of their work. Ask for recommendations from companies they have worked with previously. Once you have determined that they are qualified, have a meeting to discuss your company and your app outline that you have made. Have them send you a quote outlining the features you discussed and the price for development. If you are under a deadline be sure to discuss timelines with your developer so they can plan accordingly and realistically manage your expectations.