Websites are one of the most critical parts of any business structure. It is your digital “open sign” that invites your customers or users into your business.

Your website is an extension of your brand. It portrays your image, products, and legitimacy in the market place. A great site captivates your target market through brilliant design and motivates them to engage or buy.

Here are a few essential tips for creating a great website.

Organization and Navigation
The best websites are instinctual. A user or customer should be able to come to your website, and without thinking, be prepared to navigate and find information with ease. If your user has to spend more then ten seconds figuring out how to find your content or services, odds are they will get frustrated and leave.

Content is King
Great websites have great content! Content is where you can stand out above your competitors. Focus on providing value and not just selling your product. For example, if your company sells kitchen appliances, you can create a video or write a blog of some recipes your users may enjoy with your devices.

Bold and Engaging Design
Your users are making a snap judgment of your company the second they see the design of your website. It shows the legitimacy of your brand in the market. Grab their attention with eye-catching design and by utilizing white or negative space.